Performance Schedule


3 thoughts on “Performance Schedule

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  2. Ericka

    Ms. Jeez Loueez,
    I have had the honor of watching you perform three times in Indianapolis. Once at White Rabbit, GenCon and when you brought the house down with Jeezy’s Juke Joint. Each time I was able to get a pic with you and I love them all. I am getting ready to move from the Indianapolis area to South Carolina and was wondering if you have any plans to ever come that way to perform? I can already tell that SC may not have a DIVERSE group of burlesque performers and your presence even if just near that area would be amazing. Thanks for what you do. You are truly amazing!

    1. Jeez Loueez Post author

      Hi Ericka! Thank you so much for finding me and yes I totally remember meeting you :) We are planning to go east/south in the later part of this year and in 2017 so I will definitely look into coming to South Carolina! What part of SC will you be in??


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