“Even before she entered the stage, at just the mere mention of the show she produces, the audience broke out into thunderous applause for Jeez Loueez (Chicago, IL). Swathed in the huge Star Boa she won at BHoF 2015, she sauntered on to the stage in a sheer powder blue gown accented with contrasting fuchsia gloves. Jeez gave us that bump and grind, sultry and energetic all at once. Her vivid facial expressions led us as an audience through the arc of her act; at times silly, at times sexy, and always fierce. Her manipulation of the Star Boa was incredibly impressive, especially when you take into account that it was easily about twice her size, but she flung it around and teased us with it, just as easy and effortless as can be. Jeez’s audience interactions are some of the best and most engaging I’ve experienced, and she does so in a seemingly perfect blend of campy and sexy: the epitome and essence of burlesque. Some notable moments from her act included when one of her dress’ halter straps became a stand-in air sax during the music’s sax solo and her switching of her one tassel from her right pastie to the left. However, nothing can hold a candle to when she hovered over her boa on fingertips and toes and then propelled herself over it, backwards. To top it all off, Jeez let down her glorious mane of hair to a slow and dirrrrrty grind and ended with a jump split. Half the audience jumped to its feet in cheers of awe and admiration. As Jeez finished her act and exited the stage, the audience once again gave her a roaring standing ovation.”- Tas Deville, 21st Century Burlesque

21st Century Burlesque Top 50 2019

“The Queer Women of ‘Easy’ Return for Season 2 With a Lesson on White Feminism” –

Interview with Offbeat Magazine (New Orleans) 

Coming Out As A Burlesque Performer- Academy of Burlesque 

Burlesque Hall of Fame 2014 Interview: Best Debut with Jeez Loueez

Burlesque Hall of Fame 2012: Double Trouble with Ray Gunn and Jeez Loueez – Black Burlesque Performers, FTW! Video Interview with Jeez Loueez at BHoF 2012 (Video!)

Burlesque Seattle Press Viva Las Vegas 2012 Recap

Pin Curl Magazine: Jeez Loueez

Jeez Loueez is featured and interviewed on! Click here to read!

Click here to see Jeez Loueez strutting her stuff with Red Hot Annie and Trixie Sparx on WCIU’s  “You & Me This Morning”! (Video!)

Chicago Burlesque: Spotlight on Jeez Loueez


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