Who is Jeez Loueez?

(Based in New Orleans, LA) – JEEZ LOUEEZ is an award-winning performer known as The Honey Badger of Burlesque! A lethal combination of drama, hilarity, and killer kinetics, Jeez Loueez is a powerhouse that’s taken stages across the country by storm. Whether donning a mohawk and her patented “Stank Face”, or serving up classic, glamorous striptease, she’s a consummate force that’s become one of the most memorable personalities of modern burlesque. As an emcee she seamlessly blends high camp, low brow, and relatable comedy to keep the crowds on their toes!

Jeez took home the titles of Miss Viva Las Vegas in 2012, Shimmy Showdown Champion in 2013, and Southern Fried Burlesque Queen in 2014. She’s been voted into the Top 50 Burlesque Industry Figures since 2010 and was named the #1 burlesque figure in the world in 2019 & 2020. In 2018 she was voted one of the Top 10 Most Influential Figures of the Decade, and in 2023 she was crowned the Reigning Queen of the Tease in New Orleans. A skilled improviser with impeccable comedic timing, Jeez Loueez charmed the crowd at the Greasing of the Poles 2023 as the People’s Choice Award recipient.

A lover of all things behind-the-scenes, she’s the creator of Jeezy’s Juke Joint: A Black Burly-Q Revue which travels throughout the midwest in addition to being the only Black burlesque festival in America. She’s been involved in the Show-Me Burlesque Festival in her hometown of St. Louis since its inception in 2010 and currently serves as their Associate Artistic Director and Education Coordinator. In addition to event planning and production, Jeez Loueez works as a dance instructor teaching hundreds of students locally and internationally throughout the year. Her classes and productions have been featured on Autostraddle, Ebony.com, Windy City Live, and season 2 of the Netflix Original series ‘Easy’.

Most recently she can be seen causing shenanigans with her partner in showbiz, Lola Van Ella, as Loleezbo, and will be featuring as a lead character in the much anticipated upcoming release Finesse.

What Are People Saying?

Without a doubt one of the most dynamic acts I have EVER seen on the Burlesque Hall of Fame stage!”

Waxie Moon

“Jeezy’s pretty much a force of nature. You can’t stop her; you can’t even pretend to try. All you can do is gawk in awe at her destructive power as she tears up a stage and slays a room full of people. And so that’s what we did.”

Paco Fish

“The queen of high-larity!”

Kitten n’ Lou

For the People

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