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The Vertical Sideshow presents “GISELLE” July 28th-29th (CHICAGO)

The Vertical Sideshow

July 28 & 29 @ 10pm at Uptown Underground

$20 – $25

TICKETS: https://www.uptownunderground.net/verticalsideshow

Scandal sweeps Uptown Underground this July with a shocking twist on a classic fateful ballet. 
The ugly death of a lovely girl.
But who’s to blame for our dear departed – 
Drowned in shame and broken-hearted?
A shocking and all too soon farewell, 
An unfair fate for the fair Giselle.”
Giselle” is an age-old story ripped from the headlines steeped in torrid love triangles, celebrity rivalries, and tragic consequences. The Vertical Side Show brings its own brand of tabloid sensationalism with a touch of burlesque, dance, circus acts, and dark humor.

CHICAGO – Giselle- July 28-29

   The Vertical Side Show is a non-stop, fully immersive mash-up of music, dance, burlesque, theater, drag, and circus arts. Every show is different and features a wide range of performance styles keeping the audience guessing what’s coming next and where to look. The Vertical Side Show showcases multiple award-winning performers linked together in a seamless neo-vintage narrative that has been described as “gonzo” and “sleekly sensual”

Oklahoma City Burlesque Festival June 26-27th

Join us for the biggest burlesque production in Oklahoma, the 3rd Annual Oklahoma City Burlesque Festival! Two nights of performances by some of the brightest up and coming stars in burlesque from around the country! Also featuring variety acts: belly dance, aerial performance, contortion, and more!

Presented by: Adèle Wolf
June 26 & 27, 2015
Tickets $25-50 available starting May 1st at:

Friday Night Showcase (not listed in order of appearance)
Doors: 7:00 PM
Show: 8:00 PM

Bella Blue – New Orleans, LA
Jeez Loueez – Chicago, IL

Emcees: Adèle Wolf & Jeez Loueez

Adèle Wolf – Oklahoma City, OK
Afsana Rose Dahlal – Sand Springs, OK
Apathy Angel – New York City, NY
Boozie Q. – St.Louis, MO
Doris Night – Hot Springs, AR
Dottie Dangerfield – Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Egypt Blaque Knyle – Los Angeles, CA
Ginger Snaps – Austin, TX
Layna D’Luna – Austin, TX
Mika Romantic – Limerick, PA
Ooops the Clown – New Orleans, LA
Raks al Naris – Oklahoma City, OK
Red Velvet – San Francisco, CA
Sassy Von Straddler – Minneapolis, MN
Sizzle Dizzle – New York City, NY

Saturday Night Showcase (not listed in order of appearance)
Doors: 7:00 PM
Show: 8:00 PM

Kristina Nekyia – Los Angeles, CA
Perle Noire – New York City, NY

Emcees: Adèle Wolf & Jeez Loueez

Adèle Wolf – Oklahoma City, OK
Anja Keister – New York City, NY
Annie Cherry – Kansas City, MO
Apathy Angel – New York City, NY
April Showers – Los Angeles, CA
Bethany Summersizzle – Austin, TX
Bibi Dazzle – St.Louis, MO
Diva La Tap – St.Louis, MO
Fiona Flame – St.Louis, MO
Lucy Buttons – New York City, NY
Maxi Millions – Phoenix, AZ
Minxie Mimieux – Dallas, TX
Ooops the Clown & The Famous Mr. Cheeze – New Orleans, LA
Sindee Hoo Hoo – St.Louis, MO
Siobhan Atomica – Lexington, KY
Sucre À la Crème – Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Ula Uberbusen – New York City, NY

Bar & Concession: Warford Entertainment, LLC

Adèle Wolf
Incorrigible Dames
Luscious Peach Burlesque Boutique
Miss Burlesque
Oklahoma City Burlesque Festival