St. Louis- Chicago- Indianapolis- Oklahoma City

It’s JUNE! Finally! My favorite season and my favorite month of the year. Not only is the sun shining and the weather feeling good, but I’m eating popsicles for breakfast, wearing coochie cutters everyday, and I will be turning 30 on June 24th!!! Yes ma’am. 30 years old. 30 and fine! Here’s what I’ll beContinue reading “St. Louis- Chicago- Indianapolis- Oklahoma City”

February is for Lovers- Jeez Loueez is coming to Nashville, Bloomington, and LA!

Whew! The¬†back to back¬†Shimmy Showdown and Fire Ball weekends have had me in a bubble of burlesque and love and madness! But I ain’t mad at it. I’m super pumped about the upcoming shenanigans planned for February. Lots of local stuff in Chicago and doing a couple jaunts from Indiana to Cali! Thursday February 5th-Continue reading “February is for Lovers- Jeez Loueez is coming to Nashville, Bloomington, and LA!”

Chicago-St. Louis-Columbia! 2014 is wrapping up!

Happy Winter! Boooooo! I’ve moved back to Chicago just in time for the blustery, blundery, wintery, craptastic weather! Luckily, my schedule is heating up just nicely and I’ll be out and about in the midwest taking it off to keep warm! Come see me! Wednesday November 26th- An Unbridled Misgiving at Untitled Supper Club (Chicago)Continue reading “Chicago-St. Louis-Columbia! 2014 is wrapping up!”