Jan. 17/18: 4th Annual Shimmy Showdown & Burlesque- A Night of Stars!

The time has come upon us when I am expected the relinquish my crown a give a “stepdown” act at the 4th Annual Shimmy Showdown. HA! Hilarious! As Queen Bey says “Bow down, bitches”!

Ahh the Shimmy Showdown. The one burlesque competition where shit talking and laying the smack down is not only encouraged but celebrated. And for the first time ever, I will be presenting one competitor with the Boo Bitch Bye Award for Most Dazzling Shit Talker! The insults and delusions of grandeur have been getting bigger by the minute on the Facebook event invite! See for yourself and place your bets on what foul-mouthed strippah recieves the honor!

Shimmy SHowdown 2014

Ladies and Gentlemen!
The Showdown is back!!!
VanElla Productions is proud to present:
The 4th Annual Shimmy Showdown!

On January 17th, 2720 Cherokee will be pulsing with excitement as we watch some of the most fabulous, glamorous, and talented women take the stage, ready for combat.
12 Competitors
1 Night
1 Shimmy Shaker will reign supreme!

This hilarious, improv, “death match” style competition will be a night of unforgettable entertainment!

This year features even more incredible world class competitors from across the nation, making the competition even more intense, varied, exciting and completely unpredictable!

Starring: your competitors:

Adele Wolf (OKC)
Cher D Blame (KC)
Dangrrr Doll (NYC)
Greta Garter
Lava Lizzie (Nashville)
Lilly Rascal (Chicago)
Maxi Millions (Phoenix)
Po’ Chop (Chicago)
Roxy Red Rockets
SinDee Hoo Hoo
Siobhan Atomica (Lexington)
Sugar Lee (San Francisco)

Hosted by Lola van Ella!

Featuring super special guests!

With an appearance by 2013 Shimmy Showdown Champion, Jeez Loueez!

Plus: Celebrity Judges announced soon! STAY TUNED!

Music by DJ Monsieur Gaston!


Burlesque! A Night of Stars!

night of stars

Van Ella Productions, a leading name in burlesque, vaudeville and variety entertainment and education, is proud to present a glamorous and intimate evening of classic and gorgeous burlesque!

Featuring the lovely competitors of the Shimmy Showdown, who are also some of the nation’s top teasers, as well as some incredible and award winning special guests; this will truly be a night of stars and a beautiful tribute to the fine art of Burlesque!

Proudly presented at the Ivory Theater, a stunning venue, with a large stage, and not a bad seat in the house, Burlesque! A Night of Stars! will be in the perfect setting to be swept away into a night of glitter, glamour and decadence. In addition, this will be the first burlesque show to take place in this beautiful theater. History in the making!


Adele Wolf (OKC)
Bazuka Joe (Chicago)
Cher D Blame (KC)
Dangrrr Doll (NYC)
Foxy la Feelion (STL)
Greta Garter (STL)
Jeez Loueez (STL)
Lava Lizzie (Nashville)
Lilly Rascal (Chicago)
Madam MacKay (KC)
Maxi Millions (Phoenix)
Po’ Chop (Chicago)
SinDee Hoo Hoo (STL)
Siobhan Atomica (Lexington)
Siren (STL)
Sugar Lee (San Francisco)

and your hostess, Lola van Ella!

Plus, even more special guests! Stay tuned!

Tickets to this intimate affair are $25 or $35 for both the Shimmy Showdown and the Night of Stars! Just purchase a Shimmy Showdown ticket and use the discount code you’ll receive when purchasing your ticket.

Link to Shimmy Showdown tickets:

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