St. Louis PRIDE June 24th- The Big Gay* Soirée!

St. Louis! A brand new PRIDE tradition is sashaying its way into town, and it’s grander, glitzier, and gayer* than you could ever imagine! Inclusive and welcoming to every flavor of the rainbow and the people who love them, The Big Gay* Soirée is an eye-popping, panty-dropping, heart-stopping spectacle that will have you over theContinue reading “St. Louis PRIDE June 24th- The Big Gay* Soirée!”

Spectaculaire! A Grand New Year’s Eve! (St. Louis, MO)

Van Ella Productions Presents: Spectaculaire! A Grand New Year’s Ball! At the Casa Loma Ballroom, December 31st, 9pm From the producers that bring you the largest burlesque, vaudeville and variety productions in St. Louis; including The Beggar’s Carnivale, The Show Me Burlsque Festival and The Shimmy Showdown, comes a New Year’s Eve party like noContinue reading “Spectaculaire! A Grand New Year’s Eve! (St. Louis, MO)”

Jan. 17/18: 4th Annual Shimmy Showdown & Burlesque- A Night of Stars!

The time has come upon us when I am expected the relinquish my crown a give a “stepdown” act at the 4th Annual Shimmy Showdown. HA! Hilarious! As Queen Bey says “Bow down, bitches”! Ahh the Shimmy Showdown. The one burlesque competition where shit talking and laying the smack down is not only encouraged butContinue reading “Jan. 17/18: 4th Annual Shimmy Showdown & Burlesque- A Night of Stars!”

This Show Is Stupid! Friday December 13th

The Most Wonderfully Stupid Show in St. Louis is Back!!! Van Ella Productions presents a show of truly ridiculous proportions. A show filled with outrageous, hilarious and totally stupid entertainment. A variety show featuring some of your favorite performers doing things that they have always wanted to do on stage…but were never allowed, because theyContinue reading “This Show Is Stupid! Friday December 13th”